abstract art of the author
My favorite self-portrait

Hi! I’m Noël Zia Lee, and I’m setting off on a journey to a greener life—you could call it a mission. Hopefully you’ll follow along. Eco-friendly choices have long been a goal of mine, but now my desire—passion?—is to kick it up a notch and go green in every way possible. This blog is all about that adventure.

So, what are my goals?

First, do no harm. (To borrow a phrase.) I already avoid plastics and unnatural fabrics such as polyester. But I know there’s a lot more that can be done.


Help Mother Earth recover and flourish. Trees and bees are crucial to recovery, but what can we add to that list? By the way, that little bee who appears here as a bullet is going to be this site’s mascot, methinks.

Create clean air, clean water, and healthy, fertile soil. Understanding is so important How do our towns process waste, what happens when we pour something down a drain or toss it in the trash, how can we safely and intelligently compost our own food waste (without bugging the neighbors).

Provide a rich, supportive environment for wildlife. The pests too.


Help others enjoy a greener life through this blog, links to other great green websites, a bookshelf, a newsletter (coming later), photos of our beautiful earth—did I mention I’m a photographer?—and political action.

What else? What would you suggest? I’m looking forward to your suggestions. Let’s make this journey a blast and show the planet some love! 🌎💚